Firestone Rubber

Firestone Rubber roofing is also known as EPDM and is an environmentally friendly, cheap solution for roofs on all buildings. It offers a watertight and durable solution with a very low lifecycle cost and is highly flexible. It works well in severe temperatures, remaining flexible at -45°C.

About Firestone Rubber

Small Residential Flat Roofing applications require a specific roofing installation system. That’s why we designed Firestone RubberCover EPDM Roofing.
The system is based on high performing EPDM rubber membranes and a limited range of accessories offering a watertight and durable roofing solution.

Firestone Rubber is the ideal solution for small residential flat roofs and other extensions, verandas, dormers, porches, garages, carports, garden sheds, balconies, gutters and trailers. You name it. Thanks to a unique combination of features and benefits, Firestone Rubber is your first choice for smaller EPDM roofing projects.


Previous Work

Take a look at some of our previous work by moving the slider to see before and after we installed a new roof.

New Roof Before New Roof After

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Benefits of Firestone Rubber Cover

  • Superior Durability
  • Very low life-cycle cost
  • High flexibility and elongation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recovery of rainwater


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