Our Services

If it involves a roof, we can help!

Total Roofing Solutions isn’t just our name; it’s our business. We can work on any roof style and material, and offer all roofing services; from the replacement of a few tiles, to the fitting of new soffits. Read on to find out more about each of our services.

We work across Preston and the surrounding area so if you want a local, reliable roofing solutions company, give us a call today.

  • New Roofs

    If your property is in need of a completely new roof, we can help, no matter what requirements. We work with a range of different materials to deliver the roof you want for your home, business, or even your shed. No job is too difficult.

  • Slating & Tiling

    Our slating and tiling options feature modern slating and tiling which provide long term roof waterproofing and can be supplied in many different looks or finishes.

  • Fascia & Soffits

    We can fit new and replacement fascia and soffits on your building project. Fascias and soffits replacement or repair is very dependant on specific buildings and individual needs so please get in touch for more information about our services.

  • Flat Felt Roofing

    Sheds, garages and extensions often feature flat roofs. If you are building one of these additions to your property you may want to consider a flat felt roofing options. This consists of 2-3 layers of felt sheeting, which provides a dense, impermeable barrier and protects the contents of the building.

  • Guttering Installation & Repair

    Gutters bear the brunt of the English weather and often need to be maintained and sometimes even replaced because of it. We can repair and replace existing guttering systems and supply new ones for an extensions or rebuilds.

  • Velux Installation

    A perfect solution to gaining extra light inside your building, and a good way of reducing electricity costs on the days where traditional windows ust don’t cut it. They are visually appealing and can be quite cost-effective. We can install Velux in existing roofs or offer solutions to incorporating them into a new roof.

  • Firestone Rubber

    Firestone Rubber roofing is also known as EPDM and is an environmentally friendly, cheap solution for roofs on all buildings. It offers a watertight and durable solution with a very low lifecycle cost and is highly flexible. It works well in severe temperatures, remaining flexible at -45°C.

  • GRP Fibreglass

    Ideally used for porches, conservatories, canopies, hot tub rooms and swimming pools, GRP Fibreglass is a reinforced plastic fibreglass option for roofing. This material is light, has a good thermal insulation and has a high strength to weight ratio.

  • Re-slating & Re-tiling

    Total Roofing Solutions can provide you with a reslating or retiling if your house is in need of either a full strip and redo, or is just missing a couple of tiles or slates.

  • Insurance Work

    Damage by storms, fires and other issues are difficult to handle at the best of times, so we aim to help make the process of property repair run as smoothly as possible. We work with insurance companies to ensure everything is done by the book.